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US-2011188478-A1: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for interference-minimizing code assignment and system parameter selection for code division multiple access (cdma) networks patent, US-2011193553-A1: Magnetic array sensor circuit to process an output from a magnetic sensor array patent, US-2011205286-A1: Method of manufacturing base layer, ink for inkjet and electronic components patent, US-2012199049-A1: Mobile workstation patent, US-2012251100-A1: Operational Status Flag Generation in an Optical Transceiver patent, US-2012298540-A1: Bulk wire dampening apparatus and method patent, US-2014068429-A1: Cloud assisted rendering patent, US-2014330435-A1: Devices and methods for interacting with a control system that is connected to a network patent, US-2010050271-A1: Managing applications related to secure modules patent, US-2010154520-A1: cartridge device for a measuring system for measuring viscoelastic characteristics of a sample liquid, a corresponding measuring system, and a corresponding method patent, US-2010235060-A1: Engine control device of construction machine patent, US-2010299649-A1: Novel optimization for circuit design patent, US-2011293179-A1: Systems and methods for illumination correction of an image patent, US-2012000334-A1: Tool holder device for shearing machine patent, US-2014044307-A1: Sensor input recording and translation into human linguistic form patent, US-2014207784-A1: Sampling of events to use for developing a field-extraction rule for a field to use in event searching patent, US-2014359382-A1: Memory controller and operating method providing replacement block for bad block patent, US-2015009528-A1: Image forming apparatus, information processor, non-transitory computer readable medium, and image forming method patent, US-2015075904-A1: Mason's adjustable chimney-platform arrangement patent, US-2010144366-A1: Methods and systems for determining the location of a femtocell patent, US-2010229352-A1: Subsea Transfer Hook Adaptor And Method patent, US-2010317329-A1: Marking and/or Sharing Media Stream in the Cellular Network Terminal patent, US-2011119599-A1: IM Conversation Management patent, US-2011319878-A1: Red Light Implants for Treating Postpartum Depression patent, US-2012054649-A1: System for Enabling a User to View Visual Content on an Information Handling System patent, US-2012314658-A1: Station Operation Method and Apparatus in TV Whitespace patent, US-2013081306-A1: Insole for a shoe patent, US-2013229300-A1: On-board radar apparatus, object detection method, and object detection program patent, US-2014040762-A1: Sharing a digital object patent, US-2014258758-A9: Image forming apparatus and control method thereof patent, US-2014269755-A1: Remote latency adjustment patent, US-2014379659-A1: N to m host system copy patent, US-2015019414-A1: Systems and methods for balance transfers associated with payment vehicles and gaming environments patent, US-2011015971-A1: Computer controlled system and method for ensuring all vehicles entering and/or in an area are GPS location registered patent, US-2011158056-A1: Dual Illumination Watch Face, And Associated Methods patent, US-2013062503-A1: Solid-state imaging apparatus and method for driving solid-state imaging apparatus patent, US-2013129448-A1: Threaded fastener having a thread crest greater than its thread root and "V" angles on the crest and root patent, US-2013218969-A1: Method and system for associating user interests with zones and maps patent, US-2013246640-A1: Universe media shuffling patent, US-2014141776-A1: Apparatus and method for selecting network in communication system patent, US-2015071493-A1: Information processing apparatus, control method of the information processing apparatus, and storage medium patent, US-2010121667-A1: System and method for integrated advertisement management patent, US-2011002472-A1: Method and apparatus to measure differential phase and frequency modulation distortions for audio equipment patent, US-2012108949-A1: Staged sensing adjustments by an implantable medical device in the presence of interfering signals patent, US-2012275113-A1: Electronic device with airflow guiding duct patent, US-2012300508-A1: Systems and methods for flyback power converters with switching frequency and peak current adjustments patent, US-2014074282-A1: Multiplexing system for a fuel transaction environment patent, US-2014130112-A1: Method for accessing a service, in particular a web portal, by means of a terminal for replaying a multimedia stream patent, US-2014192488-A1: Handheld device assembly patent, US-2014276965-A1: Handling of fasteners within a surgical instrument patent, US-2014330581-A1: Methods and systems for creating and using multi-disciplinary treatment plans patent, US-2015043368-A1: Method and apparatus for transmitting information for reporting in wireless communication system patent, US-2011027484-A1: Methods for making environmental barrier coatings using sintering aids patent, US-2011061634-A1: Exhaust gas recirculation mixer device patent, US-2011138569-A1: Dust remover for charge-coupled device patent, US-2012257497-A1: Method for selecting allocable wireless resources, device for selecting allocable wireless resources, and communication device patent, US-2012331034-A1: Latency Probe patent, US-2014376633-A1: More accurate advanced residual prediction (arp) for texture coding patent, US-2010053947-A1: Lighting device and lens assembly patent, US-2010130079-A1: Marine engine exhaust system having a plurality of catalyst devices disposed in parallel with each other patent, US-2010222841-A1: Feedback controlled gastro-intestinal stimulation patent, US-2010265161-A1: arrangement for optical representation and wireless communication patent, US-2010276991-A1: Cross-links for a track of a tracked vehicle patent, US-2010278367-A1: Configuration and method for wireless data transmission between hearing devices patent, US-2010288009-A1: Hot press forming apparatus and hot press forming method patent, US-2010320315-A1: Lightning-protection fastener patent, US-2011021397-A1: Composition With A Color Marker patent, US-2011112788-A1: Integrated Systems Testing patent, US-2011140699-A1: System and method for coil disabling in magnetic resonance imaging patent, US-2012306495-A1: System and apparatus for providing interconnections in a gradient coil assembly patent, US-2014164972-A1: Apparatus for processing a schedule interface and method thereof patent, US-2014207115-A1: Medical tubing having variable characteristcs and method of making same patent, US-2010101288-A1: Rekeyable lock cylinder with fool-proof function patent, US-2010116940-A1: Method and device for detecting rime and/or rime conditions on a flying aircraft patent, US-2010191448-A1: Operating method for an internal combustion engine and associated motor vehicle patent, US-2011202248-A1: Method and control/regulation system for braking a vehicle, and vehicle patent, US-2011217138-A1: Self-locking, overrideable and attenuating cargo guide and restraint patent, US-2012024810-A1: Shelf That Can Be Folded Easily and Quickly patent, US-2012194553-A1: Ar glasses with sensor and user action based control of external devices with feedback patent, US-2012210001-A1: System and method for managing access to a communication network patent, US-2013080994-A1: Program generating apparatus, program generation method and computer readable medium patent, US-2013291282-A1: Medical/Dental/Utility Glove with Anti-Fatigue and Ergonomic Improvement patent, US-2014042205-A1: Surgical stapling instrument patent, US-2014178253-A1: Capacitance-based catalytic converter protection systems and configurations patent, US-2014277513-A1: Disc replacement device and method of use patent, US-2014319837-A1: Method and system for controlling hydroelectric turbines patent, US-2010185261-A1: High Accuracy Tonotopic And Periodic Coding With Enhanced Harmonic Resolution patent, US-2010202346-A1: Wireless communication system and method patent, US-2011058343-A1: Module connection structure patent, US-2011277208-A1: System to improve swinging motion patent, US-2014104168-A1: Touchless input patent, US-2014195818-A1: Method and device for privacy respecting data processing patent, US-2010276395-A1: 35kV Rubber Molded Fused Vacuum Interrupter patent, US-2011091253-A1: Image forming apparatus and fixing device patent, US-2011253118-A1: Shooting bow patent, US-2011263140-A1: Electrical connector patent, US-2012228321-A1: Device for counting objects fed as bulk material patent, US-2013013470-A1: Methods for identifying and recovering non-revenue generating network circuits established outside of the united states patent, US-2013292294-A1: Allergy emergency kit patent, US-2014182200-A1: Articles and methods for administering co2 into plants patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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